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Malaysia Manufacturing PMI Rises to 14-Month High
The IHS Markit Malaysia Manufacturing PMI increased to 49.5 in November 2019 from 49.3 in the previous month. The latest reading pointed to the 14th straight month of contraction in the sector, still at the weakest pace since September last year, as export sales rose for first time in four months as order book strengthened from the Middle East, Asia-Pacific regions and the US. Also, output increased and employment levels were held broadly stable. On the price front, input prices rose at a fractional pace, amid currency weakness; and output cost was unchanged. Finally, sentiment remained positively, amid expectations of stronger demand and successful contract tenders.

Malaysia Manufacturing PMI Highest in 6 Months
The IHS Markit Malaysia Manufacturing PMI increased to a six-month high of 49.3 in October 2019 from 47.9 in the previous month. Still, the latest reading pointed to the 13th straight month of contraction in the sector. The rise in the PMI was driven by new orders and output, with both indicators showing signs of improvement. Also, employment grew the most since April, coinciding with evidence of capacity pressures building, as the backlogs of work index rose to a 14-month high. At the same time, survey data showed input purchasing, input stocks and finished goods inventories all moving in a positive direction, in line or above long-run averages. Meanwhile, overseas sales dropped for the second straight month, with demand from both China and Europe falling. Elsewhere, input cost fell for the first time since March, amid discounts from suppliers and lower commodity prices. As a result, output charges dropped the most since January 2015. Finally, sentiment strengthened.

Malaysia Manufacturing Shrinks the Least in 4 Months
The IHS Markit Malaysia Manufacturing PMI increased to 47.9 in September 2019 from 47.4 in the previous month, pointing to the twelfth straight month of contraction in the sector but at the softest pace since May, driven by increases in new orders and output. Meanwhile, external demand remained fragile, with orders from key export markets dropping. At the same time, employment held steady, while backlogs of work declined for a thirteenth straight month, as some firms reported the need to focus on productivity gains. On the price front, input price inflation slowed and was historically weak overall. Meanwhile, sentiment remained relatively strong but moderated compared to that seen in the previous month amid global worries.

Malaysia Manufacturing Shrinks for 11th Month
The IHS Markit Malaysia Manufacturing PMI fell to 47.4 in August 2019 from 47.6 in the previous month, pointing to the eleventh straight month of contraction in the sector. New orders continued to fall as the level of new work received from external markets stalled, output dropped fractionally. Meantime, employment grew for the first time in three months as firms enhanced operating capacities, while backlogs of work declined for a twelfth month in succession. On the price front, operating costs were higher amid reports of currency fluctuations, rising commodity prices and shortages of certain raw materials. Consequently, output charges rose the most in nine months. Lastly, sentiment strengthened to its highest level since October 2013, boosted by planned promotional activity, new products, work in the pipeline and forecasts of improved domestic and external demand.

Malaysia Manufacturing PMI Falls to 4-Month Low
The IHS Markit Malaysia Manufacturing PMI fell to a four month-low of 47.6 in July 2019 from 47.8 in June. Softer demand has put further pressure on production and deterred firms from increasing their work forces. At the same time, buying activity were tapered, as has been the case since last October, while stocks of inputs and semi-manufactured items were also pared back. Meanwhile, export sales rose for the first time since April, with the US, Japan and Turkey being mentioned as particular sources of higher external demand. In terms of prices, input price inflation eased to a three-month low from May’s recent high. Firms raised their output charges marginally, in most cases to partly share greater cost burdens with customers. Lastly, sentiment remained resilient, though the July survey saw optimism pull back from June's 68-month peak.

Malaysia Manufacturing PMI Lowest in 3 Months
The Nikkei Malaysia Manufacturing PMI dropped to a three month-low of 47.8 in June 2019 from 48.8 in May. New export orders contracted at a steeper rate and output shrank for the second month in a row. Also, amid reports of sufficient stock levels, firms reduced input purchasing. At the same time, employment level was broadly unchanged, with backlogs of work falling for the tenth straight month, while new order growth slowed. Regarding prices, input cost inflation dipped slightly, but was the second-strongest seen so far in 2019. Output charges were left unchanged, however, with firms often opting to not pass higher costs in to clients in order to help stimulate demand. Lastly, sentiment strengthened to its highest since October 2013, reflecting positive sales forecasts and planned capacity enhancements.

Malaysia Virksomhet Siste Forrige Høyeste Laveste Enhet
Forretningstillit 94.20 94.30 126.00 70.60 Poeng [+]
Industriell Produksjon 2.00 0.30 12.80 -17.60 Prosent [+]
Industriell Produksjon (Månedlig) 1.80 -0.90 7.20 -5.00 Prosent [+]
Industriproduksjonen 2.50 2.20 38.50 -44.40 Prosent [+]
Lagerendringer -6808.00 -4618.00 6475.00 -10585.00 Myr Million [+]
Bil Produksjon 43300.00 52191.00 64333.00 1112.00 Enheter [+]
Bilregistreringer 108231.00 95984.00 138727.00 9732.00 [+]
Ledende økonomisk indeks 1.40 0.10 4.50 -3.30 Prosent [+]
Internett-hastighet 8945.38 8200.47 8945.38 826.70 KBps [+]
IP-adresser 1704176.00 1654177.00 2205250.00 681617.00 IP [+]
Gruvedrift Produksjon 0.50 -5.80 16.20 -20.30 Prosent [+]
Produksjon PMI 50.00 49.50 52.00 46.80 Poeng [+]
Sementproduksjon 1451.00 1421.00 2442.00 147.00 Tusenvis Av Tonnes [+]
Sammenfallende-Hovedsiden 139.30 138.00 139.70 56.80 Poeng [+]
Konkurranseevne Index 74.60 74.38 74.60 4.87 Poeng [+]
Konkurranseevne Rank 27.00 25.00 27.00 18.00 [+]
Enkle Å Gjøre Forretninger 12.00 15.00 24.00 6.00 [+]
Korrupsjon Index 47.00 47.00 53.20 43.00 Poeng [+]
Korrupsjon Rank 61.00 62.00 62.00 23.00 [+]